2009 Obama Stimulus Package tax saving strategies, tax saving tips

checkLast year you got a $600.00 stimulus check.  
Forget it for this year.

This year the Obama Stimulus package is all about rebates.
Nobody is getting a stimulus check. That sucks but there are other changes that will happen for the better. Lots of them.

People on Social Security and those who are retired and disabled people, may be eligible for rebates.
The recesnt $800 billion stimulus pakage has no provisions to send checks to people in 2009. 

Last year Bush sent the money but it was a feeble atempt to stop the bleeding in the economy. It didn't stop the recession.

Rqaining Money - It won't be raining money

The 2009 tax credits and social program funding
with money from the $800 billion package has other benefits for people .

2009 Stimulus Package details as of the end of February 2009

Unemployed can get an extra $25.00 a week plus and additional 5 months benefits.

Food stamps increase about $79.00 per month for a family

Tax cuts: $500 income tax cut for singles, $1,000 for couples.
This adds up to about  $13 a week in your pay check. It depends on your income.

Government retirees can get a onetime $50.00 tax credit.

Seniors on social security can get a one time check for $250.00
You can deduct sales tax of a new car.

Buy a house for the first time and and get an $8,000.00 tax credit.

People on SSI / disability can get a one time check for $250.00

If you have any questions about last year's stimulus check contact the IRS. 

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