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2014 Free Calendar

by Roger Chartier:

Can I print the calendar for 2014 for free?

Yes, you can download and print this calendar.

It is showing a lot of the holidays, and other eventful days, as well.

Click on this link to the 2014 monthly calendar here to download the calendar and then you can print it out.

The calendar uses standard printer paper as are commonly used in the USA and most other countries.

It has 13 pages.

They are the 12 individual months and the cover in a "8 1/2" x "11" form for each page.

Check out the front page of the calendar and try to guess where the photo was taken.

Let me say that a half of a million people where there as was I with several of my friends.

There were also many, many millions of people who saw it in the news, on TV and at the theater.


Funny dates

When is "Native American Day"?

Have you ever heard of Earth Day?

When is "Talk Like A Pirate Day"?   Is it a real holiday?

Do you know the actual day or date of "Juneteenth"? What is a Juneteenth anyway?

What date of the year was John Lennon assassinated on? 

Is there an actual "Sweetest Day"?


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