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26 Ways To Promote Your Website & Blog - 5

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19. Publish an eBook

An eBook can earn a lot of money for you, or you can give it away on your website with links in the book to return to the site. People are selling eBooks often on www.ClickBank.com.
You get a percentage of the price that the book sold for, and it costs you almost nothing to create as it is a PDF file and that can pay off very well.
The book can also be designed to help you to sell a product or service.

20. Ask For A Link To Your site

A lot of folks have websites with a good amount of traffic to them. If you can find the ones that are similar in the subject to your own, and get them to host a link to your site, it would be worthwhile every time. Ask them to put into their site a single sentence with a built in link.

Don't use words like "Click Here" but use long keywords as can be seen on the website www.long-tail-keywords.net. Use that site to understand what they are and how to use them.

21. IM and Networking

How many instant messaging services do you belong to and use? Well the more the better.

There are many out there, and the more that you fill them up with contacts to be in touch with, the better.

I have a friend who does well in the business, and she succeeds by using all of the above methods. I learned from her and now I am taking January and February off to vacation in Florida.

Life has gotten good here, but it is from using these methods. I am of course bringing my laptop with me to continue writing and publishing in my spare time.

A friend of mine uses personal websites to do some promo. Here are some good IM and networking services.
messenger.yahoo.com - www.aim.com - www.skype.com - www.icq.com

22. Run a contest

A percentage of people who read about your contest will enter it, and you can have various prizes of various value.

You need a lot of people who sign up for the contest so get them to do so by talking about it in forums, blogs, websites etc. as much as you can until the drawing.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this as it is a really good overview of the subject of promotion for your website or blog. Good luck in the future.
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