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26 Ways To Promote Your Website & Blog - 6

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23. Have A Regular Pod Cast

If you don't like to be in front of a video camera, or feel that your visual presentation isn't top notch, you can create a pod cast.
It is an audio only file that users can run from your site and like a radio program you can run information or tell a story or whatever you want from it. You can also post them anywhere that will let you leave a link specially your own website.

If you don't like the sound of your own voice, then just get someone with a nice radio-ish voice to read the text for you to record. If you don't know how, here are some tips. Use a mic and a computer of course.

Download Audacity and get it free online - download the MP3 encoder on the site so that you can save it as a smaller MP3 file - download then extract it to the plug-in folder in Audacity.

Then record and edit the recording with Audacity. You can upload it to a website, or you can load the pod onto www.EasyPodcast.com or poderator.com/ to help you to create your own RSS feed to send it out.

You can also use www.PodCast.com (and others as well), and it will do what you need.If you are using Wordpress, then you can install Podpress. I use Pro-Tools and Microsoft software to record myself.

24. Pay Per Click and Banner Ads

They are good ways to get traffic if done properly. It takes a bit of time to get used to what and where to advertise.
Banners are nice, and some places might let you post them for free, whereas others are pay sites that use outside websites to promote your site. You can also contact a website and ask them to exchange banners.
Try these sites for Pay per click etc.
adwords.google.com - searchmarketing.yahoo.com - Bing Ads (Microsoft)

25. Tutorial Sites

Find the popular tutorial sites and create a tutorial on a subject that you know well.

Submit it and when it is published your website link in it will be fruitful as long as your tutorial is popular. That increases your web traffic.

26. Meet The Press

Using the Radio or TV for an outlet is great as long as what you have for a website can be deemed to be newsworthy.

I have a website called www.WhalingCity.net that is the history of New Bedford Massachusetts. It can get into the news because it is a great historical website for the city.

Anytime you can get your web address into the news it is usually a good thing.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this as it is a really good overview of the subject of promotion for your website or blog. Good luck in the future.
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