How to add an extra video monitor to your computer

by Roger Chartier:

Two Computoer Monitors  - www.RC123.comDid you ever wonder about the trick to adding a monitor to your computer set up?

Well I did when I had to get more space to do a bit more work online and off simultaneously.

Here is a pic of the two monitors that I use now.

They are 27 inch monitors.

I ordered them the other day from Best Buy.

They were a good deal, so I got them.

I had been using two small monitors, and the size wasn't good etc., so I upgraded to these.

You can buy computer monitors on the internet at a lot of different stores and save a some serious money. If you aren't in a big hurry take the time to do some comparative online shopping for a good price

The deal was:

  1. I had to look into the computer to see what size of a power supply I had.

  2. I then read some information on the card that I would buy for the two monitors and searched for the amount of power needed to run the two monitors. I then found that information.

  3. I then looked at the size of the space where the power supply was in the monitor box.

  4. I needed a larger power supply, so I ordered one and a new PCI video card for the computer to run two monitors with separate screens.

  5. I unscrewed the computer case and installed the power supply and video card.
    NOTE: It was easy because I took my time and was careful. Do not rush this part!

  6. I then plugged in the new monitors, and then Bam! Two beautiful large screens of the same size and company and it looks great and it works really well.

  7. Note: I had to be sure that there was room for the PCI card and for the different power supply.

  8. That's it - now go and do it for yourself if you feel the need and have the nerve.

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