Auto Accident Lawsuit - Car Accident Lawsuit


by Roger Chartier:

This section deals with you as the claimant and victim in your auto accident lawsuit. First off each state has different rules about auto accident lawsuits. Some rules are the same throughout the USA. For the best advice to file an auto accident lawsuit, is to consult a car accident lawyer or an auto accident lawyer that specializes in auto accident lawsuits in your state.
A good car accident lawyer will be able to determine if you can sue for damages beyond the vehicle damage. If you have injuries, you can file a car accident lawsuit that can add up to millions of dollars in some cases. Your car accident attorney will determine if the person responsible for your injuries has any assets worth going after.

Sometimes the lawyer will take the case with no out of pocket expense to you but get a large cut if and when they win the case. Be sure to gather all evidence such as photos at the scene of the vehicles. Gather informationfromf witnesses and road conditions and time of day. These may be very pertinent to winning your case.

This deals with you as the person at fault, in an auto accident lawsuit. If the accident was a criminal offense, you may want to read the information on Miranda Rights and possibly DWI Lawyer information.

Car accident

Let's just say that you are liable and your insurance, depending on how much coverage you have, will be the first resource for a claimant.It may be that your insurance isn't enough to cover the claim and your assets are at stake.
Cover your assets. ( I just had to say that).

Realistically the assets that you have are the next thing that are at stake because of this auto accident lawsuit and your bank accounts and real estate and vehicles may be taken into consideration.

You may have to deal with a structured settlement.

Ask a qualified auto accident lawyer about this if you are in this position.You can often settle a claim for the injuries out of court and for a better deal than you would have had you gone to court and lost considering all of the attorney fees and possible higher judgment.

Fault and No-Fault Auto accidents or car accidents

Where was the accident?

Fault based system or tort liability system for vehicle insurance has the degree of fault of each party taken into consideration. Most states have this system.
No-fault states
there are 12 of them.
The costs will be cheaper because it reduces the cost of your auto accident lawsuit for a claim as far as time in court and legal finagling. As you can imagine this cuts down on legal fees and time lost. With the no-fault automobile insurance laws, the good driver does not have to prove that the crash was somebody else’s fault before getting his money.

Their insurance company covers medical bills and rehabilitation costs as well as lost wages up to the amount of insurance that was bought. The other difference is that s the injured person can't sue the other driver for emotional distress or pain and suffering and any inconvenience.

In January 2009, there were a dozen no-fault states.

They are Florida, Hawaii, Kansas , Kentucky , Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota , New Jersey, New York , North Dakota , Pennsylvania , Utah.

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