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Actually the word "Lawyer" has an "w" in it but for those who might have misspelled the word here is the page on the subject.

You may feel that you want to use a bankruptcy lawyer to help to finally get
the burden of a mountain of bills off of your back.

People often come to the conclusion that they must file bankruptcy after the phone doesn't stop ringing, and the aggravation doesn't end from the mail and the misery of constant harassment.

Bankruptcy lawyers are usually skilled in every aspect of helping you to get free from debt.

You may not want to spend a lot of money for a bankruptcy lawyer and find free help or low cost help from the local legal aid society.

A part of current bankruptcy (as of 2005) is that you have to obtain a Bankruptcy Counseling Certificate before you can file and a Bankruptcy Education Certificate prior to getting a bankruptcy discharge. You might be able to do this over the telephone and through the mail.
Ask your lawyer about this.

You may want to understand the difference between Chapter 7, 11, 12, and 13 bankruptcy.
After you meet with your lawyer, he or she will be able to explain the differences, and help you to decide what to do.

In some cases, you can keep your car and home, and in other cases you have to sell some assets to get a fresh start.

The laws have changes in recent years and your lawyer should be aware of all of the changes. There are some debts that will never be discharged. gavel
Usually, liens such as mortgages and car loans are not dischargeable.

Here are some of the top non-dischargeable debts:

Child support, spousal support, custom duties, secured debts, fines and penalties from government agencies, debts that you did not list on the forms and schedules filed with the court, restitution of money stolen or embezzled and others, penalties and fines for driving drunk, and others that your lawyer will explain, federal, state and local tax claims (falling within specific time rules). has a page with information on how to get tax relief and deal with eliminating or reducing tax debt.

These are some of the debts that you can't wriggle get out of.

You have to be aware of your current credit rating and decide if you can actually pay off the bills or have to file for bankruptcy. In case you feel that you want to try to refinance your home for extra cash, or learn to find and earn extra money, try this great site that has a lot of resources

After bankruptcy, you will be surprised that some companies will be glad to offer you credit because you have no more bills and may be in a position, to actually pay, a loan without a problem.

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