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BitTorrent - What is it? - Kim Dotcom - Megaupload.com

Peer to Peer

BitTorrent is another Peer-to Peer (P2P) file sharing system or protocol. BitTorrent offers a way to share large files or data.

When data is shared, using the BitTorrent system, pieces of the files are stored in many places, and also shared from many places. In turn, each person receiving the data can share it with others.

This offers a way to get large files of data without someone having to host it and one person paying the hardware costs and bandwidth costs.

The good thing is that it keeps the pressure off of the original data distributor and spreads it our over the many people who have the data stored on their computers. With a lot of people sharing the same file, if one computer fails it will not collapse the whole system.

Bram Cohen and Bit Torrent

OR... Use an Email Address for Google Authorship

Make sure that you have your email address on your website.
  • Add a byline onto each page of the website, such as "by Roger Chartier" or "Author: Roger Chartier".
  • Visit Google's authorship page ( https://plus.google.com/authorship ), and add your email address to Google (use your own name).
  • You only need to do this once for a single domain.
  • You can make you email invisible if you don't want others to see it as long as Google can read it.

Kim Dotcom goes to jail?

In January of 2012 Kim Dotcom was arrested for file sharing.
His website Megaupload.com had been shut down by government authorities, and now the hammer is falling.


Is in the middle of an attempt to stop people from sharing it's movies and TV shows.
They have sent "cease and desist" letters to ISP providers to stop their customers from using the ISP to do the downloads.
They have even resorted to injecting bad data into one BitTorrent of a show called "Rome".

The Movie Business

Made a deal with BitTorrent in 2005 that would cut down on the problem of movies being distributed.
They don't have a way to search for files by name.
That has to be done on a regular search engine, so this keeps them away from the legal entanglements that would be there if they actively worked to implement the illegal aspect of their data sharing.
They also don't hide the information about who is sharing what. See www.rc123.com even more tips...

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