How Many Characters Are Allowed for Title and Description Tags

by Roger Chartier:

People have asked about how many words they can write for the "Title" and how many can they use for the "Description".

The words are not actually counted, but the characters are counted.

Each letter is a character and each space is a character.

That is how they determine the usable length of Title and Description Tags.

So, the current count stands at ...

Google - Will show you 69 characters (and spaces) for the Title.

Google  - Will show 156 characters (and spaces) for the description tag.

Google - Can exchange your description for a web snippet of 320 characters if they choose to do so.

Bing - Will show 65 characters (and spaces) for the Title tag.

Bing - Will show 150 to 185 characters (and spaces) to represent the Description tag.

Yahoo will show 72 characters (and spaces) for the Title.

Yahoo will show 161 characters (and spaces) for the Description.

Ask will show 69 characters (and spaces) for a Title.

Ask will show a snippet of 312 characters (and spaces) for a Description.

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