Why and How to create and use a Favicon

by Roger Chartier


Why use a Favicon? What is a favicon?

Favicon's are the little icons that pop into the address bar before the http:// of a website when you load it. I E favicon - www.RC123.com
If there isn't the one that automatically pops up from Internet explorer or Firefox or Opera or whichever browser you are using, then it was replaced by the websites own.

The name is a derivative of "Favorite Icon".

They give your website an outstanding look because it is a mini-logo that becomes recognizable in tabs, and bookmarks as well as RSS feeds.

Favicons can only be images that are 16 bits X 16 bits, so you have to be creative to come up with something original.

Google and Yahoo
google favicon example - www.RC123.com yahoo favicon example - www.rc123.com

One problem that can come up is that your web host can add a favicon to your directory without you realizing it, and they get free recognition on your websites or blog.

Look for yourself to see if this is the case. Go to your site (s) and look in the address bar.

Did you put that one there?

Often you will see them and not think about it, but the fact is it is your brand recognition and not theirs that is important to you.

You pay for web hosting so how dare they?!!!

If you didn't put that one there, then as I had to do, go to the server side to check for it.

I found the sneaky little bugger hiding there. I deleted it and replaced it with my own.
Make sure to delete the one on the remote server and replace the new one on your local site using FTP or whatever publishing program you use such as Dreamweaver, etc.
You most likely will have to clear your cache and browser history to get it to appear and afterwards it will be there.
Look to the browser bar up top and see my favicon for this site www.RC123.com Image of RC123 favicon - www.RC123.com

An online favicon creator service made the RC123 image above this sentence.
There are various ways to create a favicon.

Another way is to use a photo or picture image and run it through available software to create a favicon.

A google search will find some websites that will be glad to help you to create a favicon.

Here is an example that I used for the website www.OurWholeWorld.com OurWholeWorld.com favicon image - www.RC123.com

You can also create a favicon starting with photoshop. There are tutorials for that, as well.

Look to this site for a lot of very useful information on various and related subjects.

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