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NOTE: This IP and city information are displayed on your computer only. Ask

a friend or lover to go to this page from a different location using another router or wifi, and they will get a different display that is especially for them!

If you use a home router to connect to the Internet, the IP address shown will be the address of your router or company's proxy. Your IP Address - Internet Protocol Address is a specific number that identifies your computer and allows it to communicate with other computers and devices on a computer network.
This is your computer's address.

A dynamic IP Address is not static and could change at any time as it is controlled by your ISP or it is used for running a DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Pool) server. This typically could be used for dial-up, wireless and also high speed connections. Every time you dial up or log on, you get q new IP, for that time you are logged in or on-line. When you connect to the internet through your ISP (internet service provider) such as AOL, etc., or a Local Area Network (LAN) connection, you are assigned an IP address.
This address identifies your computer from the other computers on the internet.
Static IP Address always stays the same.

You can check with your internet service provider, or your network administrator to understand which one you are using.

Follow the directions below to find the IP address of the computer, you are using.
Using a home router to connect to the Internet, the IP that you will find will be your internal IP address not your Public IP address. If it starts with 192.68, or 10.10, it is an internal IP address.

Find your IP in Windows 95/98 do this:
Go to Start/Run and type in the command winipcfg
You'll get a screen with the infomation.

Windows 2000, XP, Vista you can click Start, then All Programs, from here go into "Accessories" and click "Command Prompt" or
you can get to it by clicking Start, then click Run, then type command and click OK. then type ipconfig
Be careful not to screw anything up.

Macintosh has this sequence of commands to get your IP address:
Apple Menu --> Control Panels --> TCP/IP Control Panel
On Mac OS X: Open system preferences, under internet and network, click 'network'
You'll see your IP address..

Sometimes, you can change your IP sometimes by unplugging the power from your router and letting it sit for at least 5 minutes or sometimes longer. After that, you can run the utility at the top of this page to see if it has changed.


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