How To Block Your Cell Phone Number - Caller ID

by Roger Chartier:

There are lots of reasons that you would want to block your cell phone number.
One may be to check up on your cheating lover.

If they know it's you, they might not answer the phone while they are up to no good or in flagrante delicto. ( I wish I had this 35 years ago when...)

When your call gets through,

Don't speak just listen very carefully for background sounds that would give you a clue as to where they really are.
One trick is to use another person or change your voice to ask to put whomever they say (probably a lie) they are with on the phone.

If they are caught in the trap

And suddenly can't produce the person, they are busted. Then you may have the right to scream obscenities etc.  Ok, You can permanently block your phone number or you can do it for individual calls as you choose:

You may want to call some SOB

And tell them what you think of them. I am not sure if it legal, but with a blocked number, unless they recognize your voice you can give them holy hell and bust their nuggets without recourse.

To do it once, dial * 67  like this *67 (777) 777-7777.

Important! This doesn't block calls from any emergency services or toll free numbers. Be careful!

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The Author - Roger Chartier