Sales Tax Deduction - First Job Moving Expense

Deduct Sales Tax

For those filing form 1040 A and itemizing deductions of Schedule A, take the IRS deduction for sales tax if it is higher.

Every tax payer can use this deduction. The IRS provides tables for residents of states with sales taxes showing how much they can deduct.

The IRS has a sales tax deduction calculator that you can use. It is most useful for those folks living in the states that don't impose a state income tax.

Here is a list of states that have sales tax and their sales tax rate. The choice is between deducting state sales taxes or state income taxes.

Usually, for people living in states that impose an income-tax, you would do better to choose the income tax. Home building materials are another deduction to consider.

If you bought a motor vehicle or even a boat or airplane, you can add the state sales tax that you've paid to the amount given in the IRS tables that apply to your state.

As long as the sales tax rate that you paid isn't more than the state's general sales tax rate.

Moving expenses for first job

For someone who moves themselves and their household goods more that 50 miles away for their first job, their moving expenses are deductible.

You don't have to itemize this, but you can use it as a deduction. Use your own car and this can include a deduction of 23 cents a mile for 2015 as well as parking fees and tolls.

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So try to keep track of all of them because they add up. You can write off large and small expenditures to certain charities that are 501 (c)(3) compliant. for good info.

You most likely won't be forgetting the larger charitable gifts by check or regular paycheck deduction. Keep records.

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