How to Set A Home Page

by Roger Chartier:
So you want to change your homepage or use our website as your homepage. Why not!< /p>

Many people do. Here's how..

Make sure you go back to the homepage that you will want. (This is important ) Then, when you are on the page that you want...

Using Mozilla Firefox as your browser, go to

  1. "Tools"
  2. "Options"-
  3. "General Tab"
  4. "Use Current page"

(As long as you are on the page that you want to be your new homepage.
Remember you can always change it again).

Then click ok at the bottom of the box.

Using Internet Explorer as your browser

  1. "Tools"-
  2. "Internet Options"
  3. "General"
  4. Click on "Use Current"

As long as the current site is what you want otherwise in the box
you can put http://www.ourwholeworld.com/ as a great example.

Click "OK"  ......now go to www.ourwholeworld.com  ...a great site.

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