How to Submit a Sitemap File to Google or Bing or Yahoo

  by Roger Chartier:

You can get a sitemap made with an online sitemap generator.

That part is easy. You get options as far as file types are concerned.

I chose the .xml file because I could work with it easily.

The point of the sitemap is to get the search engines to stick their noses into your site and sniff out all of what you have in there.

Make sure all of your links work as far as within your site, that is from one page to another or to images etc in your site.

Once you have the file made copy it and paste it into your file folder to ftp or upload to the server within your site files. I stuck mine in with the individual page files in the root directory..

Now it's time to ask the search engine if they can see it. Here is the magic code to put into your browser.

To submit to Google use this address but be sure to replace "yoursite" with your own website's address including the /sitemap.xml.

If you put it in with the webpages, that would be the address.

For Bing (Microsoft Search engine)

These two submission of sitemap.xml sites from Google and Bing work fine!

For Yahoo (this has not worked lately - I am hoping that Yahoo will fix it)

Call up the addresses and you should get a response from those top two search engines.

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