My Neighbor Again

1 My neighbor broke his leg while raking leaves.

He fell out of the tree..................................…

2 Joey saw my neighbor Manny riding down the street on a bike that

was a little too small for him. He asked him where he got it.

Manny said, "Well ya know I was working out in the field when

the boss's daughter came riding up, took her shirt off and said

'Manny you can have anything you want.'

So I took the bike." Joey though for a moment then said,

“You did the right thing, that shirt wouldn't fit you."

3 My neighbor strolled into the local diner for breakfast.

He sat at the counter and asked the waitress for runny eggs, soggy toast,

weak coffee, and burnt bacon. He asked if she's the cook, and she replies yes.

He then said, "Nag me while you're at it. I'm homesick."

The Author - Roger Chartier