Oh! Those Neighbors!!!

1.  My neighbors kid decided to try horseback riding.

She got on the horse, and it started along at a rhythmic pace and she

suddenly started to slip off.

She tried to grab the mane but couldn’t get a grip eventually she ended

up hanging off the saddle and her head was banging on the ground.

Just before she passed out the WALMART clerk ran over and

unplugged the horse...................

2. My neighbors little blonde kid was playing in the yard, and she told me

that she could count higher than anyone in her second grade class.

She said do you think it’s because I’m smart? I said, “Sure!”

She said, I can say the alphabet faster than anyone in my class

do you think it’s because I am smart? I said, “Sure kid!”

3. The guy up the street heard that 90% of accidents happen

within a mile of the home, so he moved. ..............

The Author - Roger Chartier