Young Girls 1

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This is a page of jokes, we like jokes because they make us laugh. Jokes are funny and we like funny things and funny people. So let's stop joking around and get to the jokes...

1 The little girl next door said “ My daddy’s a lawyer” I said, “Honest”?

She said, “No the regular kind.”..................

2 Young Jennifer went into a restaurant, and the days special was beef tongue.

She said to the waitress, "I don't want anything that came out of an animals mouth so

I'll have two eggs instead." ...................

3 Young Mary goes to her parish priest in Dublin and cries,

"Father, last night me husband died." Fr. O'Malley consoles her and says,

"That's terrible. Mary did he have a last request?"

"Why, yes, he did. He said, 'Mary, please, put down the gun.'" .........

4 A teacher had a young kindergarten student who came up to her and

said that she had found a frog.

The teacher asked if the frog was alive or dead and the girl said it was dead.

The teacher asked the girl how she knew the frog was dead and

the girl said, "I pissed in its ear." The teacher said, "You what?"

The girl said, "I went to the frog's ear and said

PSST and it didn't move so it must be dead." .............

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