Motorcycle Helmets - Different Styles

Flip Up motorcycle helmetFlip Up Helmet
I prefer this motorcycle helmet for the comfort of flipping up the visor to cool down in hot weather. These motorcycle helmets offer a lot of protection and keeps the bugs out of your teeth and the rain out of your face as a bonus..

full face motorcycle helmetFull Face Helmet
These motorcycle helmets provide a lot of protection and coverage. If you end up landing on your face or skidding face first on the asphalt, you will be glad you have this helmet.

open face motorcycle helmetOpen Face Helmet
These are often called 3/4 motorcycle helmets as they don't have the kind of front face coverage that a full faced motorcycle helmet provides. Some models allow you to replace the visor and add a separate attachment face shield that snaps to the front top of the helmet. Some of the attachments can swivel up and out of the way, as well.

Shorty motorcycle helmetShorty Helmet
The shorty style is cooler in the heat of summer and is often lighter so as to be easier to carry on your head all day. If you have trouble as some motorcyclists do with their neck from the weight of a heavy motorcycle helmet then this may be more comfortable for you.
Some models allow you to replace the visor and add a separate attachment face shield that snaps to the front top of the helmet. Some of the attachments can swivel up and out of the way. I like the style that allows you to unzip a lower padded vinyl part of the helmet for summer riding.

Off Road motorcycle helmetOff Road Motorcycle Helmet
Usually used for off road riding conditions. You can use them with goggles.
These types often have washable liners. The mouthpiece area is often designed for better breathing and ventilation.

Snell Rated Motorcycle helmetSnell Rated Helmet- Snell Foundations M2000 standards - Helmets meeting Snell Standards provide the highest level of protection available.
Snell Standards are higher than those set by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) as well as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) and the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission's 16 CFR Part 1203. Snell tests samples of currently certified helmets.

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