Roger Chartier
Motorcycle Training Video

It's a competition

Although this is a competition between motorcyclists, this video is great as an example of what you need to do when learning to ride a motorcycle slowly and to follow another bike.

Most people that drop their motorcycle do it when coming to a light or stop sign or when driving slowly.

Here is a great example of riders using balance and making decisions about planning ahead even in tight situations

This motorcycle training video is a favorite example for riding a motorcycle slowly and in tight turns as well as for predicting what other motorcyclists or any other pedestrian or vehicle will do.

Don't fall over

I find that a great time to practice the trick of keeping the motorcycle upright without using your feet to touch the ground when you are not moving is when you are at a stop light or stop sign.

I am always ready of course to throw my foot down immediately if or when I start to tip even slightly. It would be very embarrassing to drop your motorcycle at a stop light.

I saw a guy drop a brand new Harley while riding in a parade in Provincetown, Ma. The parade came to a stop unexpectedly for him and down he went.

He was embarrassed and kept his eyes looking at the bike on the ground. People along the parade route helped him to pick up his bike.

He never looked at any body there, and after a couple of minutes trying to restart the motorcycle he got it going, and the crowd cheered for him.

He never smiled or said a word but moved forward dying of embarrassment.

The Author - Roger Chartier