President Barack Obama's Birth certificate and his first home in Hawaii

by Roger Chartier:
It is remarkable that some people still need more proof that our President Barack Obama is an American by birth. Democrats love the idea that the birthers are making fools of the GOP and dragging them down with this idiocy that Barack Obama as born in Africa etc..
If you are Democrat, Tea Partier, Republican or in between it has been a controversial issue.
Here, below is the long form certificate. Below that is a photo of his first home
Click on the image to get a printable PDF of the form of the birth certificate.

Obama Birth Certificate -

Barack Obama's first home - 1961

6085 Kalanianaole Highway, Honolulu, HI.
Barack Obama lived in this bungalo behind the main house.
The picture below this bungalo is the front where the street is.

The Author - Roger Chartier