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by Roger Chartier:

Wow! I won!

That's what I said when I won a nice wad of money at Foxwoods on the blackjack table. My girlfriend was a real good player, and she always gave me tips about what to do in the casino.
Back then there wasn't any online casino, and you couldn't do any online casino gambling. She won over $6,000.00 dollars that night. The internet casino is something else, and I don't know much about them. Apparently you can play poker and make bets, as well.

I'll be back...

I am going to go to Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun casino again and have a ball. I can get some good food and drink and see entertainment for free and gamble a bit, so I don't need an online gambling casino.
This might help you to become a poker star and play fulltilt poker or online poker or even play poker on a poker machine. I do have to say that you should take a look at these two sites that I mention here if you want to study some cool strategy. There are some really good courses to study poker strategy.

Poker Kings!


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The Author - Roger Chartier