How to make a "Roll Over Link Tag" using .html code

If you are familiar with how to insert html code into your web pages, then it's easy.
Here's an explanation.

You have to open your web authoring software, and find the page to which you want to ad the rollover link tag.

Locate the spot where it will go in the code view and paste this into your code (do not paste it as text onto the page directly) then change the code from the example below to reflect the address and text that you want.

Create your own roll over link  with html code. You could change the code first by copying it and pasting it somewhere else and doing the edit then copying that and then inserting it into your code view.

Click on this example Our Whole World.

Click the return/back button on your browser afterwards to get back to this page.

The web address is the target of word or words  between <span>and</span> in the html code below.

<a href="http://www.ourwholeworld.com/"><span>Our Whole World</span></a>

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