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This website has a series of photographs taken on April 11, 2009 at the memorial at the site of the nightclub.

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The Station Nightclub was on 211 Cowesett Ave. West warwick, R I.

A drummer inspecting the memorial at the Station Nightclub site where one hundred people burned to death

On Thursday, February 20 - 2003 there was a huge fire that killed 100 people in the club and injured 230 - only 132 people managed to escape injury.
This was the fourth deadliest nightclub fire in the United States. The fire was caused by the tour manager of the band Great White, Daniel Biechele .
In the first song he set off three pyrotechnics devices which ignited the flammable acoustic foam used as sound insulation in the walls and ceilings surrounding the stage. It took five and a half minutes for the fire and the thick black smoke to totally fill the club.

There were 4 exits

From the club but most people went for the front door that they had come in and the hall to the door became totally blocked. Great White's lead guitarist, Ty Longley, had been said to have gotten out most likely by a stage door but died after he re-entered the club to save his guitar. Also killed was the show's MC - working WHJY DJ, Mike "The Doctor" Gonsalves - he was trying to save some equipment and was overwhelmed. It was said by several witnesses that they were astounded by the supposed blatant stupidity of the bouncer who, (it was stated) stopped some people trying to escape via the stage exit, stating that that door was "for the band only."

The Author - Roger Chartier