How To Text Message - Texting

What the heck are those kids doing anyway?

You see kids going nuts punching buttons on their cell phones and having a ball, laughing and whatever.

You think to yourself, "What the hell are they doing?"
Well Grandpa, they are text messaging.
It's here to stay so get over it. To write a message is to "Text".
In fact, why don't you get onboard and try it yourself?
Sure would surprise some friend or relative to get a text from you now wouldn't it!

Here's the deal,

One phone may have a different method from another, but basically it's like this.
Some ask for the phone number to be provided in a different sequence.

  • Choose Menu.

  • Choose Messages.

  • Choose Text Messages.

  • Choose " Write Message" or "Create New Message"
    or something similar from the Messaging menu.

  • Text  a message by using your keypad.

  • When done choose "OK" or "SEND" to send the message.

The wrap up and fun text shortcuts!

In the beginning of text on cell phones the older phones could only can handle 160 characters per message.
So get to the point, but if you're too brief you could be seen as being cold.
No-one can see you smile or frown or look sad but you can use Emoticons to clear things up about that.

?4U Means I have a question for you.
420 means marijuana.
411 means information - as in "what's the 411".
6Y  sexy
ADDY  address
There are gazillions more, and you can sometimes figure them out if they are obvious or research them online.


The Author - Roger Chartier