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You can afford the best. You have to if you are the webmaster for a large enterprise. 

Who could afford to lose thousands or even millions of dollars because they bought cheap hosting and had excessive down time, or suffered because of poor security?
Security and up-time are big issues.

You need to:

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My beef in the past was getting slow responses from a host company that I used when I first started.
If you're a reseller, selling hosting to your own customers, you don't want to have to make excuses for someone else's bungling. 

As a reseller host, you are the administrator.

You can partition your resources to allow customers have their own hosting account. You maintain the service billing and administration.

Some of the best web hosts offer a free script installer and free scripts, free site templates, free site building software, free PPC credits from google or yahoo, shopping carts for e-commerce, forums, photo galleries, free domain name, free domain transfer, all extras to make it simple for you to get onboard. etc.  

It's a free market, and you often get what you pay for but just be sure to buy what you need or will need. Don't go nuts and over do it because you may find your hosting costs are killing your business.

After a few other hosts and a lot of searching and research, I use Hostmonster for this and 124 other sites and several blogs.

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