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by Roger Chartier:   

You can't afford the best or even really good hosting.
You have an idea for a web site or you have already started creating it, and you want to try it out but don't want to spend a lot of $$$.

Cheap hosting is for you...maybe. Under $5.00 per month is somewhat cheap.

An example I saw recently for $3.98 per month has proved to have limited tech support, or should I say very limited tech support and too much down time (twice in one week). 

If it's all for fun then it won't kill you, but if you take it seriously at all, pay a little more, or shop a bit more judiciously. 

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Some may be good enough for small or personal sites that don't require much in extras like a cgi-bin etc., or sites that don't use much bandwidth.

Others are up and coming and are taking a loss leader approach trying to make their mark with a little quality for a cheap price.

  If they fail then they will go out of business, and there goes your website until you choose another host.

I don't go that route.
I use good host services

Beware or a long term contract if you aren't really sure.

Most people looking for cheap hosting are also new to the web development thing and will need tech support more than the pro-geeks.

That strikes me as the most important factor after all these years of experience.

Compare these features and read user reviews.
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Server up-time  -  C Panel  -  Sub-domains  -  Parked Domains  -  E-mail accounts  -  Blog
FTP Access.

Personally I don't fool around with shaky hosting services.
I use Hostmonster
for all of my 137 websites and several blogs (still growing).

This is called putting your money where your mouth is so I will say that I recommend Hostmonster because I've tried others and had problems. Hostmonster is very reliable, and I no longer have to worry about anything to do with their end of things. Rock solid!

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