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How to redirect your "404 Page Not Found" page to your home page

So many times people mistype a web address and get an error page.
"Error 404"
Web Page Not Found
This is pretty much a dead end if they were looking for your website or a page on it. Here's what you can do to improve the situation.
Go to your remote host with FTP or with your editing/publishing software and find the 404.shtml file.
Ok you can see it's there. Now create a new page and save it with the name 404.shtml.

In .html place a redirect code in the head section of that page after the title.

After the open body tag put the text as seen above "Error 404 web page not found"
and write whatever you want to tell them that they will be redirected in whatever amount of time in seconds that you choose.
I like to put it in a table box with a colored background to get their attention.
Upload it to your server overwriting the old one.

Here's a page that explains how to write it and where to put the redirect code.
The beauty of the redirect is that you can have it set to "0" and it will immediately go to the named page or you can put a few seconds in the delay section giving them enough time to read the message.

Put some text on the page with an explanation that they have made an error.

Place a large but brief text that says 404 Error page not found.
Be sure you give them enough time to read the short text.
This doesn't always work on Wordpress but for a static site it does.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this as it is a really good overview of the subject of promotion for your website or blog. Good luck in the future.

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