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Roger - www.RC123.comBy Roger Chartier:

I was born at an early age... I live in New Bedford, Massachusetts, (see Map Below) and I am married to Hui-Ling Chen.
A lot of my time has been spent writing.
I have been creating websites since January 24, 2000.

In my life I have been a full time musician as a singer and guitarist as well as playing other instruments. I have travelled extensively. A lot of my experiences have given me the interest in writing about what I have seen heard or read about in my days.
i the year 2000 when I began writing and creating my websites I have created many sites covering subjects that I have been interested in.
This is my occupation besides being a professional entertainer - singing and playing guitar since 1965. I have traveled extensively in the music business and for pleasure. I have recorded two albums of sea shanties and maritime music. I am also a disc Jockey for weddings and parties.


Here find a list of many of my websites -

Here is a story about me Roger Chartier in the "New Bedford Guide." The interview is from 2011.

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Here find a list of many of my websites -

Here is a map of where I live - close to a cemetery in case I happen to die.

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