by Roger Chartier:

Hollywood VS Independant

Years ago the big Hollywood moguls had the industry sewed up to an extent.

The independent film festivals and Cannes have helped attain some notoriety for the better small budget films that would otherwise have gone to sit on a shelf in some sad archive.

As a child, I loved the Disney films. "Old Yeller" was a favorite, but then was the very small budgeted french language film "Le Ballon Rouge".

Set in France it had a limited caste but a rich story line with very few spoken parts as compared to the films of today. Imagery said a lot in that film.

Faster film industry

Films are being produced today at such a rapid rate that they end up as DVD's and rentals in
a matter of a few short weeks in some cases.

Gotta make room in theaters for the next block buster epic.

I like to read Roger Ebert's reviews. 

There is a review site that caters to family and kids and it is pretty good.

Common Sense media seems like a good source for what is Ok for kids to watch etc.

Here is a great site for independant film

Another interesting site

Check some Entertainment news here

The Author - Roger Chartier