by Roger Chartier:

February 2017

The most recent February 2017 opinion by this author is that Myspace has changed quite a bit from what it was in the past. Currently it appears to be more focused on the music business and musicians and entertainers. There is no wall but there is a stream where updates are posted. There are filters that one can use to filter posts, music and profiles from the stream. Personally I who am a musician haven't used my own myspace page in several years as for me it appears to have been overshadowed by Facebook. This is not a paid opinion but my own. Apparently it is the same opinion of many social media users.

This below was written in 2008 about Myspace

Very cool!!! Here's some info about it. There is a whole lot more than I write about here but here we go!
More than 77,328 sites link to MySpace as of some time in 2008. It began on February 22, 1996
Now 300 people work for MySPace.

It's an internet hit!

It's owned by Fox Interactive Media, which is owned by News Corp. The main headquarters is in Beverly Hills, California. As an interactive social networking site, it connects friends and strangers and offers a place to put, personal profiles, blogs, pictures, music and videos. It seems to appeal to younger people more than the older adults. About 230,000 people sign up for a new account every day. They have well over 100,000,000 accounts so far.The money comes in from ads on the site. That's it! No cost to the user.

Not all so good though

They don't have an available customer service phone number. You do have to be 14 years old at least to sign up for an account. There is a "Groups" feature: You can define a group, and they can share a page and message board. Anyone can create a group. Whoever is the moderator can decide who can join by denial or approval of requests to join.From the beginning, MySpace offered a classified section. There is a bulletin board feature that everyone on a MySpace user's friends can see. People feel that it's a great way to contact a bunch of people at one shot rather than sending e-mails.


Anybody can customize the MySpace layout and colors of their profile page with practically no restrictions,
as long as the advertisements are not covered or hidden. You can use html. code or .css to change the layout theme or get prefabricated layouts and/or backgrounds from others. You can customize your MySpace page to your liking. Musicians can set up an account where they can put some of their songs on the page to be heard by anyone.There are versions in different languages and for several different countries. Check it out, It is really interesting.

The Author - Roger Chartier