Bad Credit Loans and No Credit Loans

Bad furniture by Roger Chartier:

This is a tougher one to do, but maybe you need new furniture or a newer car or dental work. 

You have a poor credit history or no credit. Usually you can borrow some money but you'll have to jump through a few hoops, and you really do have to prove your income. Car loans are somewhat a specialty, and you can get them at new and used car dealerships for the most part.
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Here is a link to a great page about bad credit car loans.

Some folks have faced bankruptcy and have poor credit, but they are in a tough spot and need a loan. You know the interest will be a bit higher, but if you can get a legitimate bad credit loan and pay it off on time, you'll be helping to establish a new credit history.

Borrow $1,500

You can often borrow up to $1,500.00 for the next day, again you have to have a legitimate income and your interest rate will be something to consider. You will most likely have your credit report looked over by the company loaning you the money. It might be of interest to you, to look at the credit reports, generated by the big three; Experian, Equifax and Transunion.
You can also find a free credit report online. You can also find "a second chance" credit card offers with rates under 10%. If you've just come out of a bankruptcy and you now have no debt beyond regular mortgage and groceries and utilities, etc. you are in a somewhat better position. If you have an excess of money each month after the necessary expenses, then some of your income is unencumbered, and it is easier to get a loan than most people realize. If you have no other debts, then you are less of a risk for a lender.
It's easier to make a monthly payment on just one small loan. Remember, if you pay off a loan in a timely fashion you will improve your credit rating.
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The Author - Roger Chartier