Elderly and Medically Unfit Drivers in Massachusetts

Driving Provisions For The Elderly.

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by Roger Chartier:

A person over 75 years old who applies for a license for the first time or a renewal of his or her license can no longer do it over the internet.
The elderly driver now has to go to a Registry of Motor Vehicles office in Massachusetts to apply or renew their license.
Anyone who applies, no matter what age who obtain or renew a license in a branch office are new required to undergo the Registry of Motor Vehicles vision test that is given to all drivers.
The other option to complete the transaction is to provide a vision screening certificate from an appropriate health care provider.

Medical Fitness Reporting

Health care providers and law enforcement may report operators that they believe are not physically or mentally capable of safely operating a vehicle due to cognitive of functional impairment.
They may request Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles to seek medical evaluation of operator.

Requests can’t be based on operator age or solely on diagnosis of condition or impairment. It must be based on the effect either has on the ability to drive safely.
Good faith belief of impairment based on personal observation.
Physical evidence or law enforcement investigation.
The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles must review the report within 30 days of receipt.
The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles must promulgate regulations based on recommendations from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles Medical Advisory Board designating cognitive or functional impairments likely to affect an individual’s ability to operate.

If you want to spend the time to dig through the details, and get this sort of info you can go to the
Massachusetts Department of Motor Vehicles Web site and begin the long exhaustive search.
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