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Ever drop some small screw, part or spring clip and can’t find it?

Here is a solution I found over the weekend.

I dropped a tiny screw on the floor of my garage and for the life of me I could not find it.

This screw could have been purchased through a local dealer but I kind of needed it right away.

I looked all over for it for about 20 minutes.

Then I decided to go to the local hardware store (late Saturday afternoon) to buy one.

While I was there I saw this thing that looked like a rake with wheels but it was a magnet.

I thought that who ever thought this up is definitely on and island in the South Pacific.

I couldn’t find a screw so I left.

Still no further along with my project, I decided to look again.

I thought about the magnet with wheels, then I spotted a pan that I use all the time (except this time).

The pan has two large magnets on the bottom so you can keep precious parts secured in it with out loosing them.

I thought if it holds parts in it, it should hold parts outside too.

I got the pan and started to rub it on the floor.

It worked! Not only did it find the screw but it also found other things I’ve lost in the past.

I think I got the pan at Harbor Freight and now I have a multi purpose tool.

I will definitely have to keep this one in mind.

So now that I’m well into my “Golden” years, I find it hard to look for tiny parts or objects that I have dropped below the length of my arms.

The pan was a good addition to my tool collection and now it’s even better.

I have already started my Christmas list and the rake magnet is on it.


The Author - Roger Chartier