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Ernie and his Custom "83 Wing

Here is some interesting info about how Ernie customized his bike. I like the work he does a lot and he has worked on my bike as well.

What kind of Lube?

It’s not what you think. I’m talking about dishwashing liquid. It’s by far the best lube when installing rubber things onto metal things.

Ways to use it

How many times have you tried to get a new radiator hose onto a gooseneck or radiator? How about a fuel line onto a fuel pump or carburetor?

Fitting external oil or cooling tubing through the “o” rings?

A very small amount if dish washing liquid will make things a whole lot better.
All you do is put a drop or two on your finger and wipe the inside of the piece if tubing you are trying to fit and slide on.

If you are using it on the small diameter tubing (carburetor, fuel pump, tank, vacuum…), you might want to use a Q Tip and a very small amount of the liquid since the liquid soap is water based, the fuel & oil stuff won’t like it much.

Another place that’s good for it is the grommets that hold your plastics on. This will make the tabs slide a lot easier, and easier means less breakage. Once the liquid has dried, it almost makes a light glue so it will secure the part even better.

There are a thousand uses for the stuff to help make things slide together better. Once you try this, you’ll forget why you even bought it in the first place. I have 2 bottles in the garage. Ernie

The Author - Roger Chartier