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Tech Tip - Synthetic vs. Organic Oil

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Synthetic is a man-made oil that uses very little natural ingredients.

Organic is made from the minerals in the earth.

An ever increasing argument in the motorcycle repair business is “which oils are best for my bike”.

I will always say “what it came here with”. I will not take it upon myself to change out any fluid unless I have been instructed to by the owner. Someone made a decision to change to oil to what it has before so I will keep what’s in it.

However, if you do want to change to a synthetic or organic, you should always go with a blend first. Blend oils mix well with either synthetic or organic. Organic does not mix well with synthetic or vice versa.

The reasoning behind going to a blend first is because you can never (unless an overhaul is being done) get all of the oil out during an oil change. One other factor you need to consider is that most import bikes have what is called a wet clutch.

This means that the clutch is sitting in a bath of oil. Some clutches don’t play well with this type of oil.

Most manufactures also have the alternators or stators in the oil too. Keep this in mind.

If you really have the need to change to a synthetic oil, buy it from a motorcycle repair or parts shop.

My bike has been running for the last 197,000 miles with Honda GN4 oil. GN4 is a organic oil (or some of you call it dinosaur oil).


The Author - Roger Chartier