Find Wi-FI Hot Spots near you

by Roger Chartier:
WIFI or wireless internet access Hotspots are places where anyone can access the internet usually for free. Many of them are in coffee shops, libraries, campgrounds, casual restaurants and, etc.
Panera Bread
is a favorite! It sounds so good to go for a lunch break to an internet cafe and get online to surf the web eat lunch and check e-mail all at once.


Has FREE WIFI. There is a change that has happened because in the past I had not found one that had free access. Now they have free access.

Currently the McDonald's WIFI is free wherever I go in the USA.

That might not be a universal proposition, but I have found it to be free wherever I go. 

You have to log into their system that comes up on your computer and re-log in after a period of online time, but it is good.

Some McDonald's have free electricity to run a computer, and some do not where some have only one or two outlets on the seating floor area.

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