How To Reset An IPOD


by Roger Chartier:

My ipod was screwed up,

So I asked my buddy... How do I reset my Ipod?
Well folks here's is what he told me to do to reset my new ipod.
1 Switch the hold switch on and off and then press menu and the center for six seconds. ipod black

2 The apple logo will appear then press play to start.

It couldn't be simpler. I was in a panic about my ipod, but now I can reset it whenever I'd like.
The cost of an Ipod is coming down.
You can buy a new ipod at a lot of places now, and the selection of ipod sizes has grown.
Prices for an ipod can range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. You certainly get a good deal on the new models of ipod online.
In 2014, the 160 Gigabyte model, was around $250.00 often with free shipping!

The Author - Roger Chartier