Travel Expense Military Reservists &
Jury Duty Pay

Travel expense for military reservists:

The IRS and the General Services Administration
do not have the same rates.

Members of the military reserve or National Guard may get a deduction for travel expenses incurred in performance of their duty.

You have to travel more than 100 miles and be away from home overnight.

Those who qualify can deduct the cost of lodging and half the cost of your meals, plus 56 cents per mile (2013 rate using your own car).

For the January 2015 tax year
the mileage deduction using your own

The GSA determines this mileage rate.

Any parking or toll fees when driving your own car are deductible. You get this deduction even if you itemize.

For more information, you can download the
Publication 3 Armed Forces Tax Guide

For IRS mileage rates see

Jury duty pay that was paid directly to your employer.

Jury duty pay that was paid directly to your employer.
If your employer has paid your full salary while you are doing jury duty, the employer may ask that you turn over their jury fees to the corporate treasury. The IRS requires you to report those fees as taxable income.

You have a right to deduct the amount, so you aren't taxed on the amount that went to the company.
The good thing is that new forms include a line specifically for this deduction.
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