Pet Store Jokes

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This is a page of jokes, we like jokes because they make us laugh. Jokes are funny and we like funny things and funny people. So let's stop joking around and get to the jokes...

1 Guy walks into a pet store. As he walks by a pen, he sees a sign that says:

“Talking Dog: $500.” So he asks the owner, “Does this dog really talk?”

Owner says “Go ahead, ask him.” Guy says to the dog “OK, tell me about yourself.”

Dog says, “Well, I was trained to be a seeing eye dog and a guard dog,

I worked for Ray Charles and Jose Feliciano and Stevie Wonder and now

I am retired and enjoying life.”

The guy is dumbfounded. He says to the shop owner,

“Oh my God, that’s amazing. I’ll take him. Why in the world is he only $500?”

"Because he's a liar." .................

2 Why were the monkey's nostrils so big?

Because his fingers were fat.

3 Why don't blind people sky dive?

Because it scares the hell out of their dogs! .............

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