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How to make a link button using .html code

by Roger Chartier:
Did you ever wonder about the trick to making a simple web button for a web page? I can help here. In some cases a button sends the visitor to a page on the current or another website. Well, here's how to make a click button that will send a web page to another web page using .html code.

HTML. Simple link button code:

<INPUT TYPE="submit" VALUE="button text ">

It makes this button - you have to write inthe name on the button and where it is going to make it work though.
Change “page1.htm” to wherever you are going. Change button Text” to the text that you want displayed on the button.

Use the spacebar in the code to make it longer on each side of the text. Did you get a "?" Mark?

If you don't want it there, (You most likely don't) put a slash after the end of the URL you are going to.

That can solve a problem of a bad link because of the added "?" mark. Play with this to see how it works for you.

Java Script

You can also try this Java Script. Change the page.html to the page you want to go to. I prefer the html version above.
<INPUT TYPE="button" onClick="parent.location='page.html'">

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