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Motorcycle Batteries

Motorcycle Spring Maintenance - Batteries

One big problem is that if you didn't use a maintenance charger on the battery throughout the winter storage then you've most likely got a useless battery.

I did just this, and although I put a charger on the battery and charged it, and it started fine, I was stranded out in the hinterland for an hour with a non-starting bike, because of  an underpowered battery.

Finally, it cranked up but now I have to get a new battery that will continue to hold a charge.

A little research has led me to learn about AGM (glass mat) sealed batteries and their superiority over traditional, fill 'em up yourself, leaking ones.

Everybody has an opinion, and saving money rules over a larger investment for some, but in the long run I want something that won't leave me with a towing bill and a great pain in the butt.

Four years later I bought a Glass Mat Battery for $142.00 online.

I got it and it didn't say that it needed to be charged. I put it into the bike and there was a total no start not even a gurgle from it. I charged the battery and got the max of 2.4 volts.

I put a $79.00 battery in the bike and broom started right up.  Be careful buying from a company online.

I have to say that I got a full refund without having to send the battery back, but I was a bit taken by surprise.

Acid damage to exhaust

A leaking battery

Can do this to your exhaust or anything that the acid drips onto or touches.

I'll need a new exhaust on this bike, as well as some serious paint scraping and touch up.

The toe heel shifter will get replaced as well with a used chrome one. (a freebie!) (Click the pic for more detail)

Gold Wing 1100 Battery

My 1980 Honda Goldwing battery

I am noticing the easy change out system.

It has just one nut, and bolt on the top swing arm thing. I'll just unbolt it then ease it out and change the battery. That's easy enough.

Click on the image to see a larger view and you can see the corrosion (I tried to clean it up after it failed on the road).

Duh! I was so anxious to go for  a ride I forgot some extra tool kit that I usually bring along with mini jumper cables.

This time when I put in the new battery, I promised myself that I'll use vaseline on the very well cleaned terminals.

In review as far as the battery bit goes When you check the battery terminals you can clean them with baking soda and water.

I like to use a wire brush first. Finally, vaseline to protect from the very acidic gases that cause the corrosion. When you check or charge or install the battery connect to the positive lead first.

IMPORTANT: Before you buy a battery, be sure of the size etc. as many battery boxes are dissimilar in size. Also, the voltage - amperage and + - pole positions etc. must be matched.

Remember what your mother said "Have fun but don't get hurt."

You have got to check out a great website about motorcycles and repair,

The Author - Roger Chartier