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Motorcycle Hearse -

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I got a nice email from Mark Cournoyer who is the proprietor of the funeral home. Here is part of what he wrote to me in his email.

"It's pretty difficult to hide the fact that it's an HD but all of the normal badging and insignia are removed in an attempt to keep it as 'neutral' as possible. (for those who are very brand specific.)

It's design is based very closely to the actual horse-drawn hearses and I have many photos of yesterday and today, side by side, ..."

"It is registered as a hearse so it is legal in Maine and Massachusetts who have that requirement in their state laws."

"This is professionally built by the Tombstone Hearse Company in Bedford, PA and there are several items of safety built into the design as well as the great looks. There are now 26 Tombstone Hearses around the country and 3 overseas, but this is still the only one in New England - and we will travel anywhere in New England to help anyone. It will accommodate any size casket and urns too."

This hearse operates from Jaffrey New Hampshire.

Office Hours Contact

Monday ~ Friday

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Cournoyer Funeral Home
& Cremation Center
Post Office Box 486
33 River Street
Jaffrey, NH 03452-0486

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