How To Make A Named Anchor Link Using HTML code

Jump to another place on a web page - Play Leapfrog

by Roger Chartier:

Some web pages are very long, and if you want to refer back up or down to a specific spot (a word or title) then this is the HTML code to use.
Create an anchor and jump to it.
Here is an anchor:

<a name="whereyouwanttojumpto"></a>

Use this link to jump back to it

<a href="#whereyouwanttojumpto">jump text to named anchor</a>

To jump to a specific anchor in a different page use the #anchorname code at the end of a link.

<a href="http://www.example.com/examplepage.html#whereyouwanttojumpto"> jump text to named anchor in a different page</a>

More Explanation

whereyouwanttojumpto just represents the text you want to jump to.
Replace the words whereyouwanttojumpto with your text.

jump text to named anchor is the text you will use to launch the jump from. It is the link to the named anchor.

You may have a title or phrase or word such as My Hero and in a different part of the text you want to refer to the section where the phrase or word My Hero is and the text you might use to depart from is way down on the bottom of the page.
Let's say it is the word Dad

This is the code: for the anchor text, place it before the actual text in the body: My hero is a great guy would be the text.

<a name="My Hero"></a> My Hero is a great guy...etc.

<a href="#My Hero">Dad</a>

"Dad" is the word that will appear as a link and "My Hero" is where the page will jump to.

I have created a named anchor link to bring us to the words"Play leapfrog" at the very top of the page.
It could be anywhere on the page.
Scroll down to the very bottom of this page to try the link.

Down some more

A little more

A bit below

Here it is:

Try the named anchor link that I have implemented in this sentence on this page to see it leap like a frog

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