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Roger Chartier:

Lawyers and lawsuits come knocking because someone filed a lawsuit. Greed on the part of nursing home managers and corporations leads to hiring underpaid and incompetent workers who often don't have a good attitude and aren't motivated to do a good job or care because they aren't paid enough and are over worked.

Not enough money!!!

Many are paid just a bit better than minimum wage and are poorly trained. Nursing home lawsuits for neglect will eventually come knocking. Many under qualified and poorly trained workers don't respond to residents/patients when needed. There is also the issue of understaffing where even one great RN can't do the job of 3.

After hours when there are no visitors there is the opportunity for real neglect. Sometimes medications aren't given on a schedule and rounds are ignored. Patients can lay in their own filth all night and get serious bed sores that can infect and cause serious illness or death. Unsupervised residents can have a slip and fall accident because proper care wasn't taken to protect them in the first place. There are many signs of neglect that you can see. Those signs will be an indicator of a more serious lack of concern.

These will tell you that eventually a nursing home lawyer may end up getting a case against the facility. Often under educated or poorly trained employees don't want to lose their job, so they are rarely going to be the whistle blower when a bad situation arises and are not so likely to be a friendly witness in a nursing home lawsuit.

If a person barely has the ability to do the job, and often can't remember, or care what the responsibilities are they shouldn't be have someone's life in their hands. These nursing homes will be more likely to face a nursing home lawsuit than a well managed facility. A nursing home lawyer will have to have evidence to make a case.


You will need all of the information that you can gather about a case before hand including medical records and witness statements and pictures of bruising or signs of neglect and hospital records if they are admitted. If you are a nursing home administrator, working for yourself in your own facility, it is easy to cut corners and look good to the owners or if you own it you might want to cut corners with the quality of pay and buying cheap food and materials for the residents.

Of course, this cost cutting will pay for memberships in golf clubs and vacations to Aruba with the secretary or might have to pay for a nursing home lawsuit. Old lady wheelchair eating paper
I received the photo on the left a while back. You might ask, "Why is she eating a piece of paper?"
A couple of immediate indicators of a poorly managed and potentially bad facility are chipped paint and dirty walls and floors. Another indicator is the entertainment budget.

Feed Me!

What about the meals? Look at the food that is served for meals and snacks. Are the beds clean and the bathrooms clean?

More of a budget for entertainment

An activity director gets a very low budget and is told to run a bake sale or whatever to raise money to pay for entertainment. That tells you that management doesn't care and are doing some serious cost cutting. Poorly paid and under qualified employees often can cause injury to a resident merely by negligence. They might go for a quick coffee break or to sneak a cigarette just out side the backdoor and have no other back-up person to watch a room full of Alzheimer's patients one of whom falls and breaks a hip. Nursing home lawyers deal with that sort of thing all of the time.

Lawyers, guns and money - dad get me out of this

If your family member, or a loved one, are injured in a nursing home or neglected to the point of abuse, you should hire a good nursing home lawyer. It would be advisable to hire a nursing home lawyer that has the financial resources and backing to be able to compete with the legal budget of a large nursing home corporation.

The Author - Roger Chartier