Personal Injury Lawsuit

There is a statute of limitations

That will have to be met. You should file as soon after the incident as possible. Each state has a different statute of limitations determining how long you have to file a lawsuit after getting injured. If you wait too long to file you lose credibility in the courts view.

Information, Evidence, Medical

You should gather all of the information evidence and paperwork pertinent to the case as soon as possible.

Be sure to write down everything you can remember about the incident as well as what, who and where information from before and after.
Collect as much evidence as possible, including witnesses testimonies, contact information, photos and video.

bandaidMedical and hospital records should be kept as well as a journal documenting your mental and physical problems that you have as a result of the accident.
Pictures from the scene of a car accident can be important to your case.

If you were injured by a defective toaster, as an example, keep the toaster in exactly the condition that it was at the time, and gather photos and instruction manuals and receipts as evidence.

Professional testimony can make or break a case. An example is of a doctor testifying that you are disabled as a result of an injury.
A settlement can be made preferably before the suit is filed and your attorney can negotiate on your behalf presenting an offer to all parties.
Otherwise, you proceed with the claim and possibly settle after the trial has started or allow the court to decide.

Personal injury lawyers use the past courts decisions to build a case. Your lawyer might be able to help you to know what to expect based on experiences of other cases and considering the criteria that vary with each state.
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If due to someone else's negligence or an accident you have gotten injured, you could be able to file a lawsuit to pay for your hospital bills etc.
This may be a slip and fall lawsuit or a car accident as an example.

You can file a personal injury lawsuit yourself without a lawyer. Unless you are able to deal with the complexities for the law, and the courts, you might be much better off with a motivated lawyer.

A personal injury attorney will be able to tell you if in you have grounds to file a lawsuit.

To file a personal injury lawsuit you have to have two things:

  • A Valid Claim

    Is a claim that can be resolved through the legal processes of the courts which addresses a grievance due to an incident that is obviously the fault of another party or person

  • Legal Standing

    Means that you have to have been injured in a real way and not be about some frivolous accusation. Getting hit by a runaway train is good, having your suit messed up by the wind caused by the train is probably not. Different states have different criteria so let your lawyer have all of the details.

The Author - Roger Chartier