Remove items from the startup menu - Computer can start faster!

For windows 7 - windows 8 - windows 10

Some folks have a bunch of things in the startup or start up , start menu folder or menu folder.

The result is that it takes too long to start the computer because too much excess stuff will have to get up to speed. 
The whole list of programs has to start up everytime you start the computer.
This slows down everything.
You have to decide what software programs you need to run immediately after starting your computer.
You can start other programs later if you want.

Windows 10

To remove an unwanted item from the Start menu, Right Click on the item and choose, if it comes up, "Unpin from start" from the pop-up menu. The item should go away. Some items will not show the Unpin From Start.
Here is another way ...

Remove Most Used from Windows 10 Start Menu

To remove "Most Used" from Windows Start Menu - simply right-click on it and select Don’t show in this list.

Windows 8

  • In the search bar type in "msconfig" then as it appears - click on that link.

  • Then go to the newly opened System Configuration box and click on "Startup".

  • When that opens you will see a list of applications that are checked.

  • Uncheck those that you do not want to open on startup.

  • Click "OK" - then click "Exit Without Restart".

  • You should be all set.

Windows 7 this one works

When you remove a program icon from the Start menu this doesn't remove it from the All Programs list.
It also does not uninstall the program.

It stops it from starting on computer start up.
Click the Start button Right-click the program icon you want to remove from the Start menu, and then click "Remove from this list."

Roger Chartier

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