How to make a news search box using .html code

This is great web page code. You can search the news from your own website.

If you are familiar with how to insert html code into your web pages, then it's easy.

How To Build It

Here's an explanation.

You have to open your web authoring software, and find the page that you want to add the news search box to.

Locate the spot where it will go and copy and paste this code into the "HTML" window and not into the
"view" window.

Change the code from the example below to reflect the size number from 42  to the box length size that you want.

This is the section of code that deals with size  <input size="12" name="p" />

Try it - type some relevant news item or name into the box.



Copy and paste the code that is written in bold below:

<th align="center" scope="row"><form id="form1"
name="News Search" method="get" action="http://search.news.yahoo.com/search/news">
  <p align="center" class="style5"><span class="style4">Search the news </span>
  <input size="42" name="p" />
  <input type="submit" value="News Search" />

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