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Don’t fall for any email scams about your refund! IRS never initiates emails!

So you need some help with taxes. Doesn't everybody? There are tax accountants if you have a business or complex financial situation. Then there is H&R Block who has been around for quite awhile.

You can always refer to the for all of the brutal facts. Did you know that you can apply to the IRS online for a monthly payment plan to fend off Uncle Sam? 

Free File!

Our Internal Revenue Service also offers a ""Free File" service online. The is sometimes too complicated for some folks, however an easier way is to use something like Turbo Tax.

Turbo tax is a software that a layperson can use with more ease that trying to run through all of the IRS tax info yourself  There are others besides Turbotax.

Again H & R Block has the service to deal with your problems while you just bring in your info and they do the thinking or you can use the H&R Block online service.

I don't know who will be best to find all of the deductions for you. There are many but a service with a long standing good reputation is probably more important in deciding. You have to look around a bit.

Online tax help

Is available through different sources. On-line tax help can be just information about taxes or on line tax filing. If you bring your tax info to your accountant they can probably file taxes online for you.
Here is a helpful IRS article:

See for lots more tax tips and information.     
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The Author - Roger Chartier