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The Home Office or Studio

In a previous article, you can find great info on how to deduct that space.

You must also consider that the home office is also the same as the home studio for most practical purposes of tax deduction.

See this article Home Office Tax Deductions

Entertainers - Performers and musicians can take more deductions

That normally are not available to most people.

More deduction ideas

Did you get robbed/ripped off of your gear? Theft...
You can deduct some in full. Some have to be depreciated.
Get more info on that by checking the IRS Publication 946 ("How To Depreciate Property").

Some folks think they can write off the cable TV expense because they need to keep up on what is going on on MTV etc. or concert tickets, but I suggest that you ask your tax preparer.



This is only a guide, and before you file you should get it all reviewed with a tax professional. There are a lot of details, and we haven't discusses long term investment, health Insurance and other deductions that are used by all of us. This is designed to be a helpful guide for entertainers, performers and musicians.

The Author - Roger Chartier